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Rental, Leasing, and Buy back

Buying art should be fun and exciting, right? Often however, discovering the perfect piece can be a challenge. Something might look wonderful in a gallery, fair, or online, but will you enjoy living with it for years? And will it even fit the proportions or space on your wall?

We are going to launch art rentals to make discovering and owning art easy and risk-free. Try the art you like at home, live with it, and rotate new work any time. Email us to find out more.

Concerned about damage? So are we! That’s why we ship every item in tough custom packaging and offer insurance on every rental. The insurance provides peace of mind in case the unimaginable happens.

If you and your art fall-out, or you change your decor, email us with the title and a picture of the piece you bought and we will give you the best buy-back price available.