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Framing and Hanging


Whether you are looking for a period, traditional, or a clean contemporary look, we are able to source a frame with a completely unique finish to enhance your artwork in a subtle and sophisticated way. The best bit about this is you’ll know no one else will have the same. If you email the colour, style, and size of frame you are thinking of we can arrange for your piece to be delivered, ready to hang.

All framing will be completed to very high standards. Museum and conservation level framing is not confined to museums works.  Some artwork gains museum-quality status over time.  Works that are to be preserved for future generations, including high value items and artwork of potential or historical value should be framed to these levels, where possible. Processes are intended to be fully reversible for a number of decades, which means that the framed work can be returned to its former state, i.e. prior to framing, at any time, assuming that the artwork is not inherently unstable.

Good original frames should be retained wherever possible as these can enhance the value of the artwork, and add to the story. Frames can be replicated for display purposes though, while the original is preserved in storage.  Sometimes it is advantageous to retain an original window-mount (possibly gilded or decorated). Framing should give the best possible protection for your artwork or objects, whilst looking good and enabling you to view your framed work to best effect. By using the highest quality materials available and the best techniques, we can give your work protection from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollution and acids generated by many framing materials. Framing should last for many decades.  However, pictures are rarely hung in ideal conditions, so we recommend that you have the frame checked every five years or so by a professional framer.

Any existing labels should always be preserved as this can provide provenance for the art.


We offer a hanging service for single pieces or entire residential/commercial hanging systems, throughout Scotland.  We specialise in work within period properties, with a low impact and aesthetically pleasing finish.  Email us your requirements.